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Sylglas Carbon Monoxide Detectors
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We regret This product has been discontinued.

Stocks may be avalible by searchcing online for "Sylglas Carbon Monoxide detector"

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Carbon monoxide detector by Sylglas - easy to use device which can be applied to most surfaces with a self-adhesive backing for easy fitting.  Recommended for use in homes, hotels, bedsits, boats, caravans, and flats.

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Sylglas carbon monoxide detector indicator card.  If any presence of the gas is detected the central spot darkens Helps saves lives by detecting Carbon monoxide
Easily sited, tried and tested
No batteries required but does need visual check
Two detectors per pack
Pack Size
UK mainland Mail Order Price
(per pack)
Sylglas has had it taped for over 50 years
Twin Pack
RRP £7.36
Potential Carbon Monoxide Sources
Carbon Monoxide is silent, invisible, odorless and tasteless gas and is produced by gas, solid fuels, oil fires, boilers and water heaters around the home.
Trapped Carbon monoxide gas from blocked or clogged chimneys
Trapped Carbon monoxide gas from car exhaust in garages or confined spaces
Trapped Carbon monoxide gas from solid fuel or gas fires
Trapped Carbon monoxide gas from gas central heating or hot water boilers
Car Exhaust Fumes
Fuel Fires
Gas Boilers
Carbon Monoxide detectors can be placed anywhere that there may be a potential of Carbon Monoxide gases, why not take some on holiday with you, just in case.
  Ideal for
Homes and Flats
Sheltered Housing/Retirement Homes
How To ......

Inobtrusive and can be fitted to either a gas appliance or anywhere in a room to detect deadly carbon monoxide gas.  The product lasts for six months once opened, we supply two per pack giving you twelve months piece of mind.  If any presence of the gas is detected the central spot darkens.

Multi-Colour Change Sensor
Multi level colour change sensor -
	  Light Brown = Deactivated Change Sensor
	  Dark Brown = Natural Colour
	  Black = Unsafe levels of carbon monoxide present  
Deactivated Change Sensor
  Natural Colour
Unsafe levels of carbon monoxide present