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Sylglas Quick FIX
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Quick Fix by Sylglas is a two-part epoxy putty, that when mixed together, forms a fast and permanent bonding
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A two-part epoxy putty for filling or bonding that bonds to wood and plaster, when mixed together then hardens to form fast and permanent repairs, for use on a variety of materials around the Home and Garden

Quick fix is white in colour once cured.
50 Gram Pack
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Always handy to have, Quick Fix is an ideal multi purpose filler or adhesive for use on a variety of materials around the home and garden, offering a permanent bond and seal.


Can be applied and used for:
Fixing Metal
Fixing Timber
Fixing Plaster
Fixing Masonry and concrete

How To ......

Quick Fix is a room temperature curing epoxy putty with resin and hardener of differing colours so that when kneaded together, complete mixing is easily observed. It is an effective filler or adhesive for most metals, woods ceramics, fibreglass, some hard plastics, plaster masonry and concrete.

N.B. Quick Fix is WHITE in colour when cured.

  1. Surfaces should be cleaned of grease, dirt , paint etc., scuffing or sanding surface will help ensure a good bond.

  2. Cut/tear required amount ( always wear rubber or plastic gloves ) and knead together to form a uniform colour, if mixing is difficult warm to room tem­perature or above.

  3. Apply to prepared surface within 3 minutes of mixing.

  4. T o ensure a high bond strength, force well into cracks or holes, remove any excess material with a tool wetted with water.

  5. If being used as an adhesive force the Quick Fix against each surface to be bonded, and then press both surfaces together, and support the joint if necessary.

To achieve a smooth appearance, rub with wet gloved hand or damp cloth.

After 60 minutes it will start to form a tenacious bond, and can be drilled or sawn, if required.


Full cure after 24 hours at 20°C.

Avoid contact with skin, may cause sensitisation by skin contact. Wear suitable gloves.

Harmful if swallowed. Harmful to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. All recommendations and suggestions are made without guarantee, since the conditions of use and application are beyond our control.

  Sylglas Quick Fix is a two-part epoxy putty, that when mixed together, forms a fast and permanent bonding  
Filling & bonding of wood, plaster, concrete, etc
Two part epoxy putty
Handy 64 gram pack