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Flashing Tape Looks Like Lead
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Flashing Tape by Sylglas - recommended for repairing damaged flashings, sealing gutters, downpipes and used for decorative finishes
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Sylglas Flashing Tape used for chimney lead flashing repair or replacement

Lead Like Finish - Easy to use - just peel and stick - No Primer required

Attractive lead like finish, interleaved for easy application giving a long lasting bitumen seal
Size: 150mm wide x 4m Long
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Sylglas has had it taped for over 50 years
4m x 150mm
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Offers long lasting weatherproofing, giving an excellent seal and bonds to all common roofing and building surfaces, also ideal as a general weatherproof tape providing a long lasting seal around the home and garden

  Ideal for:
Sealing and repairing damaged and worn flashings
Valley Gutter repairs, gutters and downpipes
Extension Flashing, porches and chimneys
How To ......

Sylglas looks like Lead Flashing Tape is extremely simple to use, just peel and stick. Follow the instructions step by step, for a strong long lasting seal on the majority of surfaces.


Lead flashing replaced using Sylglas Flashing Tape
Lead Flashing Replacement


Valley gutter lined with Sylglas Flashing Tape - can be overlapped if necessary
Valley Gutter Lining


We recommend you use gloves when applying.

1. Make sure the surface is clean and dry remove ALL LOOSE DUST and DIRT with a wire brush and soft broom.

2. Prime porous surfaces such as wood, cement boards, breeze blocks etc.

3. Peel off 150mm the interleaving, press tape firmly into position and smooth down with a dry cloth. In cold /damp weather, keep the tape warm or heat the tape during application with a hair dryer or similar, to improve adhesion.

4. Repeat the process with 300-600mm sections at a time till you have completed the area to be covered.

5. Once complete the Tape offers a Lead-Like decorative finish.

Full instructions inside box

Sylglas Flashing Tape - recommended for repairing damaged flashings, sealing gutters, downpipes and used for decorative finishes
Bonds to most roofing & building surfaces
Looks Like lead finish
  No primer required
150mm Wide
Removable interleaving