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  Q What should I use to clean my hands after applying Sylglas Waterproofing Tape?
A Even though we suggest that gloves are worn, if you opt not to wear gloves we would recommend any proprietary hand cleanser can be used after handling Sylglas Waterproofing Tape.
  Q Is there something I can use to refurbish Window Sills?
Quick and easy window sill refurbishment with Sylglas Aluminium Waterproofing Tape.A Sylglas Aluminium Waterproofing Tape can be used to refurbish window sills .  Simply follow the standard instructions and overpaint with an oil based paint if required. If a large part of the window sill has rotted, why not use Sylglas PlumberFix to fill any holes?

Q What product can be used to Repair a leaking waste pipe behind the toilet (toilet gland)
Sylglas Waterproofing Tape.  If left for 6 - 8 weeks Sylglas Waterproofing Tape will form a 'skin' which can then be overpainted, with an emulsion paint.

If you have a leaking toilet gland sylglas waterproofing tape can be used to wrap around the joint to prevent further leakage.
* Tip If there is a difference in levels at the place of the joint then cut a length of waterproofing tape, twist to create a rope and place around the joint to fill out so that a lesser amount of tape is needed for the total job.  

Q Where can I buy Sylglas?
Your local high street hardware store is the best place to try as they will often order a product if they do not have it it stock.  Please see our stockist page for further details.

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Q Can Sylglas tapes be overpainted?
A It is possible to overpaint Sylglas Tapes, however, care should be taken as to what sort of paint should be used on each product.   On our products with a lacquered aluminium foil finish or compounds an oil based paint should be used, whereas with our petrolatum based products these can be overpainted after it has formed a 'skin', 4-6 weeks depending on condition, with an emulsion paint.   See our guide below:

Sylglas Waterproofing Tape

Overpaintable within 4-6 weeks with
an emulsion paint

Sylglas Looks Like Lead Flashing Tape
Sylglas Aluminium Waterproofing Tape

Overpaintable after 48 hours with
an oil based paint

Sylglas Plumber Fix

Q Is Sylglas Waterproofing Tape vulnerable to low temperatures?
A No, Sylglas Waterproofing Tape will withstand temperatures as low -20°C which is more than adequate for use in the UK.

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  why not use sylglas products to repair a cracked gutter rather than replacing it.  Simply use sylglas plumberfix to fill in any large cracks and then line the inside of the gutter with sylglas waterproofing tapeQ Is there a Sylglas product that will repair a metal cracked gutter?
A If you have a cracked gutter (metal only) this can be repaired by filling in the cracks with Sylglas PlumberFix and then lining the inside of the gutter with Sylglas Waterproofing Tape.
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