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Sylglas Plumber FIX  
Plumberfix by Sylglas - recommended for use on leaking radiators, leaking water tanks and sealing pipes
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A two-part putty that when mixed together, hardens to form a strong waterproof light grey coloured seal once cured.

Ideal for emergency plumbing repairs, burst and weeping metal pipes, radiators, water tanks and cylinders, a strong waterproof self adhesive sealer that will set underwater.
64 gram pack
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Keep a pack of Plumberfix handy for a quick and easy solution to those emergency plumbing and sealing repair jobs around the home and garden.

Sylglas Plumberfix is purpose designed as a permanent leak sealant for piping and tanks, and can be used on most materials except soft plastic materials.

  Ideal for:
Emergency plumbing repairs
Burst and weeping metal pipes
Central heating radiators
Water tanks and cylinders

How To ......

N.B. Plumber Fix is light grey coloured when cured

Plumber Fix is a two-part epoxy putty (with resin and hardener of differing colours so that when kneaded together, complete mixing is easily observed) that hardens to form a strong waterproof self-adhesive seal

  1. Shut off water whenever possible

  2. Clean leak area of loose material and greasy deposits.

  3. Cut/tear equal quantities from each section: ( Always wear rubber or plastic gloves ) Use sufficient to cover 25mm (1") around the leak to a thickness of 6mm (1/4") and knead together to form a uniform colour.

  4. Apply to the leak and force well into holes or cracks, effective working time up to 1 hour.

  5. Bind repair with PVC tape and leave to set, Plumber Fix will dry light grey coloured.
Hardening Time: Up to 24 hours depending on temperature, the higher the temperature, the faster the hardening.
Emergency plumbing repairs
Sylglas Plumber FIX - recommended for use on leaking radiators, leaking water tanks and sealing pipes
  Two part epoxy
Will set underwater